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Oral information

Dental care method

Release Time:2014-06-24 16:11:16

1, brush your teeth

This is the most common method. People brush their teeth, but not brush well, carefully brush people. The so-called brush better, is to put the 3 teeth per tooth (buccal, lingual, occlusal surface) brush clean, 3 times a day early in the evening brush, brush for 3 minutes each time.

The correct method of brushing teeth is, from top to bottom rotary brush teeth, under the rotating brush, brush along the teeth, incisors, before later returned to brush tooth chew should. In order to put the tooth brush cleaner, health care toothbrush must use small brush, hair soft and elastic.

2, the teeth

Some food impaction into plaque brushing is difficult to remove, best to use dental floss gently removed the impaction of food, clean plaque. Some people used to use a toothpick, but be sure not to force too much too fast, so as to avoid the gingiva and alveolar bone absorption caused by.

3, gargle

Attention should be paid to gargle, gargle with warm water after a meal or teeth after the oral cavity residual food residue rinse off. Our country ancient times advocated with tea mouthwash, is a good way, because tea contains fluoride, can also contain tannins, dental caries, gingivitis is beneficial to prevent. In the add a little salt mouthwash, usually in a microstrip salty advisable, to prevent gingival inflammation also have certain effect.

4, knocking

Can enhance the tooth supporting tissues of healthy, like exercise, can also stimulate the secretion of saliva, cleaning teeth, teeth percussing method is simple, everyone can do. The method is: closed lips, the upper and lower teeth up and down direction bit percussion movement, every time at more than 100, with teeth every morning, get into the habit of.

5, gingival massage

Can promote periodontal tissue blood circulation, make the tooth supporting tissues increased metabolism, correspondingly enhanced disease resistance of teeth. Gingival massage can be carried out in the oral cavity, can also be carried out in the oral cavity. In the mouth, preferably in the morning and evening after brushing do. Hand wash, extended index finger into the mouth, lips buccal and lingual pressure in the teeth of the gums from front to back, then rotate roudong. Then from a forward rotation, so 20 times back and forth, then the other side, and then the tongue side. In the face of, the lips closed, with the fingers of the right hand or both hands pressed on the lower lip, cheek department, kneading, but pay attention to strength to achieve, gums, divided, and, in six parts, each part, each for 20 times.

6, chewing exercise

Chewing exercise is to fully exercise the muscles of mastication. Fiber components of foods to eat hard and rough, (such as beans, celery), while eating chewing, not swallowed whole prison. So it can exercise the muscles of mastication, exercise mandible and alveolar bone, periodontal tissue health strengthening. Chewing can stimulate saliva secretion, has the very good oral self-cleaning effect.

To chew food should pay attention to overcome the bad habit of unilateral chew. The bad habits of people, often side facial swelling mast, and affect the appearance. Chewing on one side of the teeth are clean, periodontal tissue was in good health, and the other side of teeth but the accumulation of a lot of calculus, root and periodontal tissue inflammation is present.

7, early treatment, early prevention

There are three reasons for dental caries, one is food containing ingredients high sucrose, sucrose does great harm to the tooth. Two is the bacteria, it and the food residue adhered on the surface of teeth, the acid producing sugar cane sugar fermentation, thus disrupting the calcium and phosphorus teeth within the organization. The three is the tooth structure and dental caries are related, such as the arrangement of teeth fissure, deep not neat, overlapping each other, thus, food scraps is easy to stay, impaction, and dental caries.

Patients with dental caries is not treated in time, the hole depth, would violate tooth nerve, cause pulpitis. Some even spread to the root surrounding tissue. In severe cases, can cause facial swelling, pain, have a fever, can also lead to rheumatic myocarditis, nephritis, iridocyclitis, systemic disease, so early treatment is very important.

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