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Summarize the cause of porcelain teeth rework

Release Time:2014-06-24 16:22:18

Each of us may have their own repair the doctor sent to processing denture undesirable, had to rework. This time the patient didn't say what, I was still a problem. Trust in you will reduce. At the same time, if the workpiece own always need rework, the technical center, also is very not happy, after all, increase the cost of.

The following is a summary of the reasons why some common porcelain teeth rework, everybody have a look about, add.

1, increase or reduce the occlusal surface

Analysis: the doctor prepared teeth not for patients with temporary crown, abutment caused patients increase natural; mechanic grinding occlusal wear on tooth; occlusion is not accurate, such as free deletion, wax and jaw, wax and easy deformation; the effects of occlusal tubercle mechanic didn't remove the plaster.

2, not in the porcelain bridge

Analysis: the doctor took demoulding too early, causing deformation model; complex mode with two kinds of gypsum mould, because its expansion coefficient is inconsistent, filling, die without the rear suspended form the fulcrum, cause deformation; the doctor prepared abutment was rough, abutment surface did not throw light a small point; preparation of teeth patients did not wear caused by temporary crown, abutment physiological shift; die cutting deformation; generation of reset is not accurate; generation of undercut of incorrect handling; denture grinding is not in place, the edge length, the adjacent points too tight; the doctor modulo the edge is not clear, technical edge judgment error, cause denture edge long not in place.

3, color is not correct.

Analysis: doctors are error than the color, color difference caused by the denture with adjacent teeth; abutment tooth preparation is insufficient, the end of color; technical operation error, wrong, wrong porcelain; porcelain powder color and doctors have differences in shade.

4, the tooth shape is not good

Analysis: Patients with special needs; technical and the doctor's aesthetics is not consistent; mechanic too bad technique, adjacent teeth denture patients with incoordination.

5, margin not close together

Analysis: the doctor modulo the edge is not clear, and the mechanic edge judgment; mechanic grinding is not accurate, edge grinding short.

In 6, cervical margin dew line

Analysis: the technical operation is not standard, covering layer coating the bottom edge of the cover, crown toner not formed droplets; mobile phone while grinding speed is too fast, resulting in denture edge porcelain crack.

7, porcelain

Analysis: in the mouth of the occlusal interference, the doctor did not pay attention to blending; occlusal space is too small, the porcelain layer is too thin; denture design unreasonable, porcelain layer is too thick, the metal ceramic boundary in the occlusal points; the doctor design unreasonable, bridge too long, chewing too much stress.

The reason is purely technical:

1, and the doctor does not match the requirements of the

Analysis: making single wrong; mechanic lack professional knowledge, can not understand the requirement of doctor; doctor ambiguity.